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AFOREMIND Focus Group 

"Join AFOREMIND's Mental Health Focus Groups and Help Shape the Future of Mental Health Support. Share Your Experience, Connect with Others, and Make a Difference!"

By joining these focus groups, you can share your personal experiences and perspectives, learn from others, and contribute to the development of new approaches and resources for mental health support. You'll have the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and build a supportive community.

Happy Children
Reading Group
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Our Approach

We provide access to therapy at your comfort. We make it accessible for children & youth from schools, institution, small to large organizations and community.

We have programs available that allows children & youth able to book consultation and gets educated about mental health issues and and wellness to tackle stress, trauma, self-esteem and more.

Contact us to join our Pilot program.

Help Victims of War

Talk to professionals about how you feel, prioritize seeking help whenever you need at your comfort. 



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