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THIRIVE Movement by Aforemind

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Aforemind is launching its very own movement called THRIVE that is initiated to help children and youth suffering from mental health issues, disorders and trauma.

Due to mental health issues many children and youth suffers from post traumatic disorders and more mental health related problem that make the situation harder for them to live a normal life.

It may not be easy to adapt to new form of life or seek help or know where to seek help. That is where Aforemind's THRIVE projects comes in to play its part.

This project will be providing Aforemind's services and resources to help the children and youth to go back to life. We are making the situation easier for the child/youth with the help of our mental health practitioners and external partners.

Practitioners such is Psychologists, psychotherapists, pathologists, counsellors, life coaches, social workers, volunteers, philanthropists, sponsors and foundations in this movements.

This project is created to make impact in children and youth around the world. We are in the mission to see more smiles, happy future for all especially children and youth with our best ability and long with your support to make changes in more lives.

If you're in the mental health related industry or want to create impact by showing your support, join us by clicking here to connect with us. Join us this the THRIVE movement.

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