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Mental health of Children and Youth

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Addressing the importance of addressing mental health and wellbeing of youth and children from 29and below.

What are we?

We are mental health service provider and educator helps children and youth with mental health care and services at their comfort.

Although mental health industry has been growing tremendously, there are more than 75% of the world population do not receive mental health aid and the number includes children and youth.

The mental health issues and disorders suffered by children and youth are vaguely addressed. Over the years, there are many researches has been released but it those are not enough. Especially, disorders such as psychosis in children are hard to address it and get it diagnose at very early age.

To address this matter there is not much practitioners that are expert in many countries, more that 90 countries halted mental health aid during this pandemic period and and more than 90 percentage of the world population who suffers from mental health issues and disorder does not get access to services, treatment or education.

Aforemind brings children, youth and you closer to the mental health service and wellness related content and education at your comfort with our initiatives.

Do look forward to our updates, projects, activities and collaborative events coming soon to you!

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